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Be confident in your financial decisions

Financial decisions can be complex and feel daunting, especially if you’ve never felt in charge of your finances before. We’ll get the complexity sorted, lay it out clearly, and make it easier to understand so you can make a better, most informed decision for your future.


The better informed the person is, the more capable they are to make the proper decision.

There are a lot of factors, some not so obvious, that can impact your financial situation moving forward.


As trained professionals, we are able to draw on 28 years of financial planning experience to see all these variables. Then we break them down, making them understandable for you. Now that we can all see the full picture we can create a sound financial plan.

Our independence and ability to work with a broad range of financial resources means our first and only priority is YOU and making sure you are making sound financial decisions.

Our Process

Step 1
Initial Meeting

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We offer a complimentary introductory appointment so we can get to know one other and understand your financial concerns, and expectations.


We will review your current plan if you have one and complete a thorough questionnaire that lays out your financial picture clearly.


Most importantly, we will mutually determine whether you and Griffin Financial will be a good fit for one another.

Step 2
Strategy Development and Recommendations

This appointment provides you with an overview of our recommendations.


Your Griffin Financial Planner and you will develop a collaborative advisor-client relationship while you develop a strong financial strategy
together – aligning your needs, goals, and risk tolerance with an appropriate investment strategy and products for your specific situation.

Step 3
Strategy Development and Recommendations

We will help you closely monitor and evaluate performance on a regular and ongoing basis.


Implementation will change as your needs do, but always helping you understand the big picture so you are clear-eyed and able to make confident financial decisions.


Simplifying The Path Towards A Confident Future.

It is our belief that each client deserves to work with a financial advisor that puts the needs of the client above all else. Our vision is to build a relationship with you and your loved ones that is founded on trust and transparency and will continue for multiple generations. This approach allows us to work with you as close partners and give advice based on a deep understanding of your financial concerns, goals, and objectives.


Complimentary Consultation

Betty, as a financial advisor will provide you with the customized resources you need to feel confident in your plan.

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