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Estate Planning

Proper Estate Planning can help you plan for your current and future financial goals for you and your family, allows you to transfer wealth to beneficiaries as you see fit, and can help reduce unnecessary expenses and taxes. At Griffin Financial, we are committed to working with you and your family to structure your estate assets in a way that strives to minimizes tax liabilities and maximizes inheritances for your beneficiaries.

Betty is an Estate Planning Advisor at Griffin Financial and works with you and your beneficiaries to create an estate plan that can ensure that your wealth is preserved for the benefit of future generations. We explain to and assist you in understanding the possible strategies and options you have when passing along your inheritance to your heirs and/or to charities. We identify your goals and assets to make sure we recommend the appropriate vehicles and trusts to create a purposeful distribution of wealth as well as reduce tax burden to recipients.

While Betty is not an Estate Attorney and cannot draft trusts or wills, she can help create a financial plan that can be finalized by an estate lawyer. In addition, we can work with CPA’s and estate attorney’s to review drafts of estate documents in an effort to confirm that your goals are being incorporated and that the administration of the trust will run smoothly when the time comes. We can also help to properly register accounts, assist with beneficiary designations, and provide strategies that seek to help reduce estate taxes and probate costs.

  • Creating an estate strategy

  • Avoiding probate

  • Reducing tax burden

  • Ensuring assets remain in the family

  • Passing on wealth and assets to the intended parties/heirs

  • Properly registering accounts

  • Assisting with beneficiary designations

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