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Retirement Planning

Whether your retirement is a far off dream, or a soon to be reality, the steps you take today can help you pursue your financial goals and independence throughout one of the best stages of your life. At Griffin Financial, our Retirement Financial Planners provide you with a dynamic approach to retirement financial planning, focused on setting goals, managing risks, making wise choices and sustainability. When you retire, your priorities shift from growing wealth to both preserving it and using it to produce a steady income to support your ideal lifestyle.

Your Griffin Retirement Financial Planner can help you create a retirement income plan customized to your unique financial goals and circumstances. Our five-step process starts by meeting with our clients to analyze their current expenses and then we determine how much they need to save to be able to retire comfortably, in the way that they imagine their retirement lifestyle. From there we work with you to create a retirement savings plan, implementing and managing an investment portfolio specific to your established retirement goals.

Retirement Financial Planner, Betty Azmoon has been specializing in retirement financial planning for over 28 years. Her in-depth knowledge of Social Security, pensions, taxation of retirement income, annuities, health care options, and the pros and cons of different withdrawal approaches, helps her to make your money work for you when you are no longer working. Her approach to retirement income planning is focused on coordinating all of these financial pieces to align toward the goal of delivering a solid retirement savings and retirement paycheck for life.

Griffin Financial is committed to helping you build a customized goal-based financial plan based on what’s important to you. As an independent financial group, we are impartial when it comes to using certain companies or products. This allows us to fully align ourselves with clients and offer custom-tailored solutions to better fit their unique needs and goals.

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