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Investment Planning

When you are ready to invest, the experienced investment advisors at Griffin Financial can help you determine what matters most to you and your family and construct a portfolio based on your specific short-term and long-term goals, as well as investment risk and tax-efficiency.

We will start by filling out a detailed questionnaire to determine your goals and get an understanding of your current financial standings. Then we will select from a broad range of investments, including equities, tax-deferred accounts, tax-free investments, fixed income securities, mutual funds, privately managed accounts, as well as retirement and education savings accounts.

Additionally, we work with methods of alternative investment such as REITS and direct participation programs. Although no investment strategy guarantees success, a properly allocated portfolio may be more likely to involve positive investment trends while reducing volatility when the investment climate changes. Your investment financial advisor will provide recommendations and valuable insights that reflect extensive market research and analysis prepared by experienced investment professionals. Your Griffin Financial investment advisors will help you:

  • Identify an appropriate asset allocation strategy

  • Select suitable investments

  • Monitor your portfolio performance

  • Rebalance your portfolio when appropriate

  • Update your investment strategy as your life changes

As an Advisor Representative in Anaheim and Orange County, CA for over 28 years, Betty has the experience through Griffin Financial to provide personalized advice that helps to manage your portfolio through the inevitable ups and downs of financial markets or life events. We will continuously monitor your investment plan to help manage so it meets your needs through communication regarding changing market conditions or events in your personal life that may warrant portfolio adjustments.

Our team will help determine your asset allocation needs and understand your risk tolerance as we recommend the appropriate investment vehicles to help you work towards your goals.

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